Creative Spa simply do all the work for you. We provide our clients with promotional imagery specifically sized and exported for use on websites, brochures and social media platforms ready for you to drop straight into documents or instantly upload. 

We understand that many Spa's may not have a dedicated marketing department and may daunted or intimidated by simply the thought of commissioning professional photography and film. That's why we offer a totally personal service aimed at understanding your specific requirements and providing creative solutions and ideas that work smoothly alongside the daily running for your spa.

Creative Spa use the very latest camera technology to provide a professional and discreet service. We understand the importance of working quickly and unobtrusively, especially in a busy spa environment where guests may be present. 

By using small cameras and a minimum use equipment we are able to work quickly and quietly,  working closely with spa management teams we help coordinate an effective shooting schedule which will not impact on the daily running operations of the Spa.

Working Together

Although we recommend arranging a meeting where we can talk you through how we can help and how much everything costs here is a brief list of what we can take of.

Free of charge meetings to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Shoot suggestions including how long things take to do and the potential impact on your daily routines.

Model planning and release forms.

Do you need photography and /or film  - We can discuss your options and the costs.

Project & Deadline management.


Interiors / Exteriors



Staff portraits



Promotions / Special offers


Welcome Tours




Promotions / Special offers

Customer testimonials


Keeping it simple

Creative Spa has worked in the professional imaging industry for over 30 years and has seen on many occasions where the concept and delivery of photography or film can easily become over complicated and overwhelming to anyone unfamiliar with the industry. We are here to simplify the whole process and encourage members of your team to contribute with ideas, giving them a true sense of ownership and involvement.    


CreativeSpa are also very proud to be directly associated with SpaPulse. The Uk's leading on-line job listing site also specialising in the spa and wellbeing industry. Through our combined industry knowledge and experience we can also offer unique recruitment videos and to help spa's find and recruit the very best people in the industry. For more information click on our film below.